Old cut diamonds, Are they popular again ?

Old cut diamonds, Are they popular again ?

...from famous engagement rings to using a family heirloom in a new setting...

Bespoke Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Over the past year or so we have seen a huge increase in the demand for vintage style or art deco influenced ring designs.

An old cut diamond is a stone that was cut before modern cutting techniques were invented. The tools diamond cutters had at their disposal were not as exact, making it too difficult to cut the type of small facets seen today in modern cut diamonds. It’s personal preference as to if you like old cut diamonds or not but personally I love them. Yes its difficult to know exactly what colour or clarity you are buying as they didn’t certify stones back then, but a good stone specialist or Valuer/Auction house could advise anyone wanting to purchase an old cut stone.

Jennifer Aniston's old Rose cut diamond engagement ring

Jennifer Aniston’s old Rose cut diamond engagement ring

Take a look at these old cut ring styles, absolutely beautiful,

We at Element can design and make any style ring and we can remount any old diamond you may have. Old diamonds are out there and still popular. We can source them, if you want them!

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