Busy Jewellery Workshop

Busy Jewellery Workshop

the importance of having a good team in a workshop

At Element Bespoke Jewellery we are proud that we have so many skilled people working together as a team in close proximity. In our on-site workshop we have 2 model makers, a Diamond and Gem setter, polishing machines, plating machines, a laser welder, a lathe, jewellery cleaning equipment and steamer. Along with hundreds of different tools and equipment I could list (if you had 3 days to read this blog) This allows us to work completely ‘in house’ (besides casting and Hallmarking) Every piece of jewellery commissioned here at Element is developed and made and hand finished by either Joe or Greg to the highest standard. Our Saturday staff all have extensive knowledge of metals, diamonds and jewellery making techniques so that they are able to help you with any questions you may have.

From the start of a commission our customers are encouraged to keep in touch with us by telephone or email to see which stage their jewellery is at.

During today I photographed Les our diamond setter, setting a beautiful diamond into a pendant based on the Ironman Triathlon logo. This pendant in rose gold turned out perfectly with a mirror polish to the face of it achieved by Greg (apparently Red gold can be a right pain to polish!)

The personalities at Element create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for both staff and our customers. We figure if our workshop is happy our customers will receive the best customer service.




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