How you can tell rings are Hand-made?

How you can tell rings are Hand-made?

Hand-made? things to look out for...

When ordering your Jewellery from a store claiming their pieces are hand-made it is possible to check if it has or if it has in-fact been bought from a larger manufacturer. Although there is nothing wrong with buying jewellery from a major manufacturer and selling them from a shop, it is always best to be honest with the customer and explain that either ‘well this is actually a design we can buy’ or ‘this piece has to be completely hand-made’. Here at Element Bespoke Jewellery we offer a range of ready to wear, popular designs with standard diamond sizes (these can be found in the section ‘Classic Design Jewellery‘ and are available to view in our shop. However the largest proportion of our work is designed and hand-made in our in-store workshop. Every piece of our Jewellery has to be tested and Hallmarked at Birmingham’s Assay office and is stamped with our makers mark ‘Et’, other shops who have on site workshops with have their own makers marks. We have created a gallery of our hand-made items under the title ‘Bespoke Jewellery’.

These wedding bands were being put together last week by Greg. Each band was created first from a wax model and then sent to the casters to be cast in Platinum and yellow gold (gents and ladies alternate ways around) once cast they were cleaned up enough to be hallmarked the main bands were then sent for hallmarking. Once back, the rings now proudly displaying our Et makers mark and the metal quality stamp, were then soldered together.

The finished ring may not look any different to a manufactured ring by a large company and in truth it is not, but we like to think us smaller businesses put a personal touch to these such important purchases such as engagement rings and wedding bands. If you would like each step of the making process photographed we can offer this service.


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