Bespoke Engagement Ring – Oval Diamond Halo

Bespoke Engagement Ring – Oval Diamond Halo

A close look at the intricate work and attention to detail Element Bespoke Jewellery offers....

This Platinum multi diamond set mount holds a stunning Oval diamond. It was created here at Element Bespoke Jewellery by Greg, our model maker. Our customer wanted a ring with the wow factor and they certainly got that from this hand finished bespoke ring!

First the main stone was chosen and then a model could be made around the stone. This was achieved by CAD (Computer Aided Design) This allowed for the intricate design of the shank to be created.

Once the computer image was checked off it was sent to be “printed” the wax model was 3D printed with the most technically advanced 3D printer available. Again once checked the model was then sent to the casters who cast the ring from the model in Platinum.

After the rings return from the casters Greg cleaned up the ring ready for its initial polish. At this stage you usually get the ring tested and hallmarked.

The ring was then handed to Les our setter who has the fabulous job of setting of the beautiful diamonds into the ring. This usually takes a couple of hours.

To finish, the ring was polished and then photographed for our portfolio.


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