Name Pendant

Name Pendant

We were recently commissioned to make a bespoke name pendant using enamel to add a pop of pink for the customer's young daughter...

Lucy’s Name Pendant

Mr Gardner visited us a few weeks before his son’s Christening, where he wanted to give his elder daughter a lovely gift too to remember the day. His idea was to make a name pendant but wanted to add some colour to make the piece more unique. We suggested using cold enamel to add a resilient and bold splash of pink, recessing it into silver.

First we CAD (computer aided design) the pendant, so that we could achieve a small recess into the middle of each letter, where the cold enamel could be applied. At first Mr Gardner had thought just a small amount of pink in distinct places.


name pendant

This looked a little disjointed, so it was decided to adjust the CAD so the pink ran through the whole of each letter:


Name Pendant

The second CAD design had Mr Gardner’s approval, so we 3-d printed the design and cast it into sterling silver. The piece was then attached to the chain, buffed and polished all by hand. Once the whole piece was beautifully shiny and finished, the cold enamel was carefully applied and left for 48 hours to set.

What is Cold Enamel?

What is cold enamel I hear you ask? Cold enamel is an alternative to traditional Vitreous (Hot) enamel. It has a similar finish but is a plastic rather than glass. It comes as a two part liquid, which are mixed together and start to set in 24 hours. Cold enamel comes in clear and many different colours.

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