Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This week we've been finishing this gorgeous pear diamond halo engagement ring, here's the process from start to finish.

Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Although we have many designs of engagement rings in our cabinets, sometimes customer’s would like something a little different. We make most of our engagement rings to order. A lovely chap visited us looking for a pear diamond halo ring, so after showing a number of halo styles, we sourced a selection of diamonds for him to choose from to suit his budget.

Step one – Choosing your diamond

We had three diamonds to choose from all suiting the budget but varying in the colour, clarity or carat of the diamond. This sparkly 0.50ct pear diamond was chosen for the centre stone.

Step two – CAD Design and Model

The CAD design is made to suit the centre stone of the engagement ring and 3-D printed into plastic so the customer can get a sense of scale and detail. Luckily the model was perfect, but sometimes we do make some alterations at this point to refine the design. Now the ring is ready to be made into platinum!

The Finished Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The finished design! The pear diamond centre is surrounded by a halo of 0.01ct diamonds, with diamonds on the shoulders too. Underneath the central setting is hidden a ‘peek-a-boo’ diamond, a lovely little secret detail. You’ll be glad to hear the intended recipient of the ring said yes!

Give us a call or pop in if you’d like to discuss your own bespoke engagement ring.

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