Remodel old gold into new Jewellery

Remodel old gold into new Jewellery

keeping sentimental gold and remodel into something more your style..


Here at Element Bespoke Jewellery not only do we make brand new jewellery from new Platinum and Golds but we also remake or remodel jewellery using customers old gold pieces.

A couple came to us with some old gold which was sentimental to them, they wanted us to remodel it and use it to make them two wedding bands.

This is the old gold and next to them the waxes of the new rings which we will use to make the new wedding bands.

In the workshop, Greg set about melting up the old gold and drawing it down in the rolls to the right length to make the wedding bands. He got it to a stage where he had 3 pieces and he was ready to solder the pieces together.

Cleaned up and ready to buff down and shape perfectly to the required shape, the rings are buffed with different grades of ‘sand paper’ or ‘buff paper’ until the finish on the rings is smooth enough to have a last polish on the polishing mop with rouge.

The finished rings look a lot different to how they started out.

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