Cleaning Jewellery

Cleaning Jewellery

We often get asked how to clean jewellery and keep diamond or gemstone jewellery looking its's the Element Bespoke's guide to keeping diamonds sparkling and ensuring jewels last a lifetime.

Cleaning jewellery

Silver and 9ct gold can tarnish slightly over time, and turns darker in colour as the metal reacts with the air. This tarnish can be cleaned off easily using a polishing cloth. 18ct gold, palladium and platinum will not tarnish, but may develop scuffs and scratches with daily wear – as all jewellery does.


Keeping diamonds and gemstones bright

Stone-set jewellery can loose its lustre quickly due to build up of soaps, hand cream, hairsprays, etc. To keep it looking bright, we advise cleaning jewellery in hot water with a mild detergent and a soft bristled tooth brush, focusing around the stones and settings. Rinse your jewellery thoroughly afterwards with hot water and dry completely.


Maintaining a polished or matt finish

Everyday wear of jewellery, especially rings, can dull polished finishes, while matt finishes become brighter. All precious metals will scratch, this is completely normal. We recommend taking jewellery off for manual activates, such as exercising at the gym and doing the dishes. This will help to prolong the finish and avoid damage.


Jewellery re-finishing

All Element Bespoke, jewellery comes with lifetime aftercare. You can bring your items in for re-finishing, which includes a check of the stone settings, deep clean and polish to keep your jewellery looking it’s best. From time to time jewellery may need a repair and incur a cost, which we will advise on.  Re-finishing of jewellery usually takes about one hour, please call or email to arrange.




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