How to refresh your old Jewellery

How to refresh your old Jewellery

Something new and modern from old pieces...

Our customers know that we specialise in bespoke jewellery, assuming every piece has to be made from new materials but what happens when you have sentimental attachments to diamonds/coloured stones and old gold? Well here at Element Bespoke Jewellery we can use all of those things in some circumstances (dependant on size/scale of job)

In these pictures you can see how a beautiful bespoke handmade modern ring came to life from a few old rings, gold and diamonds.

Greg’s customer came to him with an idea, she wanted a modern ring and along with Greg’s help and guidance, a design was created. The customer left her gold, diamonds and her finger size for Greg to work to and left him to it.

Her spare gold was melted up to create one of the bands, the diamonds were removed from the single stones and cluster and used to set the diamond set band and the 3 stone collet.

Greg created two wax models to create two separate bands which were then cast in yellow and white gold.

Once back from casting, Greg was tasked to clean up the bands ready to polish, once this was done using files and different grades of sandpaper, all the way down to smooth and then polished with rouge on a polishing mop, by hand, the rings were ready to solider together to form the ring. Parts are held together using wire to make sure everything is held in place whilst Greg used the solder.

Once secure the ring went to Les to set the diamonds, then off for a final polish… A beautiful modern ring.

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