How to Remodel a Diamond Ring

How to Remodel a Diamond Ring

You love your diamond but you hate the mount?

First thing to do if you want you ring remade is to look up a design you like, think of a style. Think if you want it claw set/incased in metal (rub-over set) set into a band (dependant on diamond size) platinum? Gold? do a bit of research and then when you are totally confused or have made your mind up…look for a well established Manufacturing Jewellers with a workshop …such as….us!

We love to remodel jewellery, taking old and well loved jewellery, coming up with a new design and making a bespoke mount and carefully replacing the stones, giving your jewellery a new lease of life! We find a lot of our commissions are for people who have heirloom stones left to them by family members and they would like to wear them but the rings either don’t suit them or they are so damaged it wouldn’t be practical or safe to do so.

We work closely with our customers to discuss all the options and come up with a design. We can offer a model either in wax or silver to give the best representation of what the finished piece will look like..

If you are interested in this service please contact us or call into our shop in Birmingham’s jewellery Quarter, all details can be found on the ‘Get in Touch‘ page.


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