Platinum: Everything you need to know

Platinum: Everything you need to know

Platinum is an extremely popular choice of metal for jewellery at Element Bespoke, from engagement and wedding rings, to earrings and dress jewellery. Due to it's rarity and preciousness, the noble metal has become synonymous with everlasting love.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a very strong and rare white metal. It is a popular choice for modern jewellery and has a reputation for being a modern metal, even though it has actually been used in jewellery since ancient times (in slightly different alloys different from those we use in jewellery today). The word originates from the latin  ‘platina’ meaning ‘silver’, due to the beautiful white colour.   

Why is it more popular than White Gold?

Platinum is hypoallergenic, strong and durable, making it very suitable for setting stones into. It is naturally white in colour and does not tarnish, unlike white gold which has a plating of Rhodium (a similar metal) to keep it looking bright. Generally we recommend platinum over White Gold for engagement and wedding rings. This is because many wear these rings everyday and can easily get knocked. Either metal is suitable for necklaces, earrings and brooches.

Why is it more expensive than a Gold or Palladium?

Platinum is a dense metal, more dense than gold, meaning that with two identical rings, one in gold or palladium and one in platinum, the latter is heavier. As  jewellery depends on metal weight, the platinum ring is more expensive. It is also a rarer metal – making it more valuable.

How can you tell jewellery is made from Platinum?

Jewellery should nearly always be hallmarked – it is illegal to sell most fine jewellery without one.  The mark is usually tiny and discreet – try looking on the inside of the ring, on the back of the pendant, etc.

The mark looks like a house with numbers in it:


Platinum Hallmarks


What quality does Element Bespoke Jewellery use?

The majority of  platinum jewellery will have the hallmark 950 – meaning the metal alloy is 95% platinum and 5% other metals. Pure, it is too weak to use in jewellery – 95% is the most suitable.

Bespoke Styles

Modern Platinum and Diamond Pendant

               Modern Diamond Pendant


Platinum Flower Engagement Ring

                   Flower Engagement Ring


For more information please read our blog post about the different metals here 

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