She said yes!

She said yes!

and how could she refuse, when presented with a ring made by Element Bespoke Jewellery?

Back before Christmas I got a call from my younger brother, Adam. He was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Hannah on her Birthday on the 18th January. He asked me whether Joe and Greg could make an engagement ring to a budget he had in mind. He also wanted a bit of help with what style of ring would suit Hannah. I had a bit of insider information as she is following our Facebook page, and had previously commented how much she liked our Demi Rub set Halo Engagement ring. I showed a picture to Adam and he was won over. It was just to Hannah’s unusual and elegant style. Joe outlined the size of diamonds to Adam, which corresponded  to the budget he had to work with and once getting the go ahead it took just a couple of weeks until Adam was able to collect.

Adam got down on one knee by the side of the river in Bridgenorth and proposed. Hannah instantly burst into happy tears and said yes! She recognised her dream engagement ring exclaiming…I think Samantha has had something to do with the design…so thanks to Facebook Adam didn’t have the worry of ‘will she like it’

Adam and Hannah were so happy with the quality of the ring knowing real craftsmen handmade this piece of jewellery especially for them, Adam even had the chance to watch Les setting the ring as he waited which he found fascinating.

Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness together and now they know where to get their Bespoke Wedding rings made too!

Hugs and Kisses