Choosing a Surprise Engagement Ring for your Girlfriend

Choosing a Surprise Engagement Ring for your Girlfriend

Decided to surprise your SO with an engagement ring? Here is Element Bespoke's guide to choosing the perfect style...

So, the decision has been made, you are going to propose! You might have an idea of when and how you are going to go about popping the question, but what about the engagement ring? Don’t panic – ask yourself the following questions and you should be much clearer on what your girlfriend will love.

1) What does her jewellery collection look like?

Have a rummage in your girlfriend’s jewellery box, as what it contains can give you a pretty good idea of her taste and what she would like for an engagement ring. For example; bling-bling pieces could indicate a preference for a Halo design or shoulder-set diamonds, whereas a more funky jewellery collector might like quirkier designs, such as coloured stones or unusual engraving. Also pay attention to the colours of the jewellery – is it mostly white, yellow or rose toned? Are there lots of colourful gems on monochrome? Make notes or take a quick pic to bring with you to our workshop.

2) Has she dropped any hints?

Mention in passing that your cousin’s/sister-in-law’s/best friend’s engagement ring was a bit too flashy or traditional and gauge the reaction – with any luck she will now describe her dream ring! If not, try snooping on her Pinterest profile for wedding and engagement boards or ask her sister or best friend.

3) Think about her Lifestyle

If your other half is particularly outdoorsy or active, she may not want a massive, highly set rock – similarly if she has a very hands-on job.

4) Choose an Engagement ring that reflects you

Whether deciding to add a personal engraving, or having two birthstones set inside the band, be sure to include something of yourself in the ring – it is a reflection of you both and she will love the attention to detail!

5) Be realistic

If she has waxed lyrical about an A-list celebrity’s 5.00ct stunner, but your budget is more Z-list, chances are a 5.00ct whopper is off the table. But don’t fear – there are many design options to create a showstopper, from illusion set to adding more detail or side diamonds. Every team member at Element Bespoke has years of jewellery design experience and will be able to help.


Once you have chosen the style of engagement ring, you are able to choose your centre stone, whether diamond or a coloured gemstone, and view a model of the chosen design. For more information on the Bespoke Jewellery process, visit our Jewellery Craftmanship or get in touch for advice or a quote.





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