Wedding bands of Autumn 2015

Wedding bands of Autumn 2015

In Autumn we tend to have a lot of commissions for wedding bands, I could think of nothing better than an Autumn wedding..the leaves falling from the trees a mixture of greens, oranges and reds in the trees and the crisp cool air with still some warmth from the sun.
Our Rose gold and Platinum combination bands have become more popular this year alongside the growing popularity for Rose gold and diamond engagement rings. Here are a few images of finished rings from so far this year, including some 'good'old' diamond set popular bands.

A lot of our customers this year have come to us with a similar question, do you make red gold or rose gold wedding bands? Of course we answer yes because we can make anything from 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, palladium or platinum. Looking into this growing trend its become apparent that rose gold this year is very much ‘In’ …

Larger jewellery companies have pumped large amounts of money into marketing campaignes promotion rose gold and with the popularity of a certain ‘Michael Kors’ watch (rose gold colour) you can see how the trend has gone into the fine jewellery market.

This year we have taken on quite a few engagement ring commissions, in rose gold, this metal goes so well with the art deco style engagement rings that have been so popular for 2015 such as this popular mount (stock image shown here in Platinum) –


Platinum claw set art deco

Gents wedding bands have shown the biggest change over to the red gold trend. Where usually there might be a combination of 18ct yellow gold and platinum or palladium now its 18ct Rose gold combinations.



Whatever the trend we have the very best designs and model-makers, in house, ready to make your wedding ring ideas a reality. Just call us on 0121 236 1119 or email us at

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