Which diamond shapes are the most popular in 2015?

Which diamond shapes are the most popular in 2015?

A run down of the most popular diamond cuts based on our sales from January....

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant continues to be the top seller, selling up to 80% more compared to other cuts. With 58 facets this diamond cut has a maximum fire and brilliance which is rivalled by no other.

Our most popular mount using the round this year so far has been the demi rub set Halo ring. We can make this in Platinum, Palladium or White gold, we have even made a Rose gold version..


Platinum Round Brilliant Demi Rub set Diamond Engagament Ring

Halo Engagement ring set in Platinum

Cushion Cut

The Cushion cut is an antique style of cut, deep cut with large facets, which bring out an amazing amount of brilliance and fire. This cut is becoming more and more popular for us.

The most popular mount we have made using the Cushion cut is platinum cushion cut diamond engagement ring below.

Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Shape

With perfect balance and symmetry the Oval is an extremely elegant cut, its fire and brilliance could rival a perfect Round Brilliant, and the Oval shape helps to elongate shorter fingers.

Our most popular mount using the Oval shape this year has been the diamond with a halo setting.


Oval diamond engagement ring

Oval shaped diamond with halo setting

Emerald Cut

Following the Art Deco revival the Emerald cut has become more popular again. The rectangular shape with cut out corners and flat planes which resemble steps. This classic glass like stone shows more brilliance, the white light reflected back to the eye making it a very clean looking cut of stone.

Our classic, most popular mount so far has been emerald cut single stone, claw set,

Platinum Emerald cut diamond ring

Emerald cut single stone, claw set

and for people looking for a more modern piece, Joe has made a few of these this year

Emerald cut set in platinum

Emerald cut set in Platinum

Princess Cut

Still hanging on in there the Princess cut continues to be a top seller if you are looking for a contemporary look. The square stone gives off a huge amount of fire and brilliance and has remained a firm favourite in our workshop.

One of our most popular Princess cut mounts. The princess cut, claw set with channel set shoulders.

Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond set Shoulders

Princess cut, claw set, Princess cut channel set shoulders

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