White Gold or Platinum, what is Palladium?

White Gold or Platinum, what is Palladium?

Should you choose White gold or Platinum jewellery? Is Palladium a good substitute for Platinum?

Before you walk into any jeweller, read this post first! White Gold, Palladium or Platinum…..

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At Element we make jewellery out of White gold, yellow or red gold, Platinum and Palladium. As you can see from the pictures above, any of the metals you choose from look absolutely gorgeous however some jobs do lend themselves to a particular metal.

Obviously if you prefer yellow or red metal there are no alternatives but what if you prefer white? You have three choices when you come to us at Element Bespoke Jewellery. 18ct White gold is an easy metal to work with, the most popular in the making of necklaces, chains, bracelets and earrings. Anywhere where the gold wont receive too much damage, as it is the softest of the white metals. 18ct white gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal. One of the common metals used is palladium, this gives the white gold its white colour. White gold is then quite often plated with Rhodium which gives it its bright white lustrous finish otherwise the colour can still be a little off yellow.

We tend to recommend that if you choose 18ct white gold for engagement rings you need to keep a close eye on claws (which secure diamonds in place) they can become worn a lot quicker than harder Palladium or Platinum. The jewellery which gets a lot more ware (for instance wedding rings and engagement rings) will also require re-plating more often. If your jewellery was made here we offer free refinishing for life.

Palladium jewellery tends be be a little greyer in colour compared with bright white gold but keeps its colour, it is harder than white gold so it is ideal for making wedding rings and engagement rings from as its much harder wearing. It does have an ever bigger benefit of being slightly cheaper than white gold at the moment.

Lastly Platinum, this is the hardest white metal we make jewellery out of here at Element and it tends to be the most popular metal to our customers. It is extremely hard and durable and has a really beautiful white colour, once polished the metal really is beautifully bright. This said all Platinum does require re-polishing from time to time and if you wear your jewellery day in day out and again all refinishing is free for life from us.

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