Emerald & Diamond Remodel - Three Row Platinum Ring

Emerald Diamond Ring Remodel


We loved working on this recent bespoke remodel. The customer came to us with her own stones, from an engagement ring and an eternity ring. The idea being a fresh modern design to compliment the new platinum wedding rings that her and her husband updated to a couple of years ago.

She had a beautiful emerald, which was the stone featured in her original engagement ring. Her fiancée proposed in St Lucia 25 years ago with a Columbian Emerald engagement ring - her favourite stone and one which matches her green eyes!

Rubover settings give a contemporary modern update. This style of setting is also practical for emeralds as they can be fragile, a full setting covering all corners is as secure as you can get. 


Emerald Diamond Ring Remodel


We also had a selection of other stones to work with - as the customer was keen to continue wearing the gemstones from her eternity ring as well. After all, being a gift after twins and at your fingertips for so long it would be sad to see any left behind!

Although the metal from the existing rings could not be used in the new ring, it is great to be able to carry these sentiments forward by repurposing the gemstones. 

The customer had a good idea of what kind of design she would like, it was our job to make it work with all the stones, complimenting the central emerald as best possible.


Emerald Diamond Ring Remodel CAD Image


For remodelled jewellery, the stone size can sometimes be a little tricky. Stones from very old rings can vary in size quite considerably. Once we have taken all the stone measurements we can make a start on the CAD design. 

Once drawn in 3D you can see a realistic image of how the ring will look once cast in metal. It is a brilliant way to road test your design idea before committing.

Although best to finalise key design details before the CAD image is drawn - to keep our CAD designers happy - the beauty of these digital images is that tweaks can be made if needed. Stone sizes and placement can all be altered until you find your preferred arrangement. 


Emerald Diamond Ring Remodel


The transition from old to new is really quite magical. It's sometimes a little hard to envision how the 3D digital image will translate in to jewellery but once polished and stone set it's amazing to see the transformation. 

"Joe created a design which I loved and was exactly as I wanted. The actual ring was even more stunning and I will covert it as much as the first set. I’ve already had lots of compliments. Thank-you Element."