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The quality craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery takes expertise and skill, both of which can be found within the walls of our workshop.

From the initial inspiration to the final piece, our jewellery is created on-site. We ensure that every single piece is finished to the highest standard, and welcome you to be a part of the creative process.

Further to crafting bespoke jewellery and displaying our own collection, we can also restore or remodel your treasured pieces, re-use stones in a new piece or adjust size and shape. Hold on to the original sentiment without compromising on appearance – all crafted to your specification. We also offer a full aftercare service to ensure that your jewellery continues to look its best.

Uncover the design process, from inspiration to the final piece.

The Process

Pop in to see us and discuss your idea with our team, each of whom have extensive experience in the design and production process and are here to help you achieve exactly what you want. We will discuss what is possible, budgets, inspiration and design.


Into Development 

Based on your requirements and our designs, we go into development of your piece and create a CAD model, which we will use to produce a cast in your choice of precious metal, creating the base of your design.


Bring The Piece To Life

The piece is worked at the bench by our skilled craftsmen, this is when your dream jewellery really comes to life.

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham


Gold is recycled and melted together. We are able to use new gold or your own, this is a special touch if you have sentimental gold or would like to re-modelling an existing piece of jewellery.

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham


The melted gold is filed and rolled into the desired profile using a rolling mill. Once shaped it is then pulled through a drawer plate to make a length of wire. 

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham


The wire is shaped by hand and with pliers and other hand tools to create the basic form of the jewellery. Joints are pierced, filed and prepped for soldering.  

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham


Once the joints are neat and clean, they are soldered together using solder to match the metal grade and type. The solder runs into the joint at high temperature. Once buffed and polished the solder join is seamless and completely invisible.

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham

Stone Set

The last stage is stone setting, you choice of gemstones are expertly set by hand by our stone setter. Whether it's flush, grain, microclaw, rubover, tension or the classic claw.  

Element Bespoke Jewellery Birmingham


We arrange for you to come and collect your dream piece of jewellery, the first time you will see it in all it’s finished glory, ready for a lifetime of admiration with it’s very lucky owner.


Making beautiful bespoke jewellery and providing an excellent, personal service for our customers is at the heart of what we do. See what some of our customers have to say about their bespoke jewellery experience

"Element made both rings for my wife, both absolutely stunning and bespoke. Many people comment that it is the most beautiful ring they have seen, and my wife also adores it. Good value too.

The engagement ring was unusual in that I requested a Moissanite rather than a diamond, however - they were more than happy to make it for me even though they had little prior experience with that stone. The result is perfect compared to my expectations, with the stones very well set to show off their considerable shine. 

The wedding ring was designed specifically to match the contours of the engagement ring, and was made with fantastic craftsmanship.
My only regret in the entire ring making process is that I didn't get mine made here as well!"

Eliot D – February 2020

"I was looking for an eternity ring for my wife and wasn't having much luck finding what I wanted, so a friend recommended Element to me. I emailed to ask if they could help with a photo of something that I had seen. From that moment on Joe couldn't do enough for me - he asked my budget and based on that sourced the diamonds and sapphires, and designed the ring for me.

He sent photos of the stones & made a wax model so I could see how it would look. Once the ring was made I was planning on driving the 2 hour trip to Birmingham to collect but Joe very kindly posted it recorded delivery to me.

When I received it I was over the moon, it was exactly what I wanted and he even engraved inside the ring for me. Needless to say my wife loved it when I gave her it for her birthday. I would highly recommend Bespoke to anyone looking for that something special and unique."

Andrew B – May 2020

"Following the birth of our first son, we returned to Element to have an eternity ring crafted from scratch, that would fit perfectly alongside my wife's other rings and engraved with our son's date of birth.

Both rings were crafted to the highest of standards for prices I would never have believed possible for something so unique, in an extremely welcoming and inviting store.

I've never experienced a jewellery shop with such warm customer service that despite living hundreds of miles away from I will always return to for any jewellery needs.

With hundreds of jewellery shops to choose from in Birmingham, Element seriously is a must visit one before making such an important decision."

Jon B – November 2018

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Emerald & Diamond Remodel - Three Row Platinum Ring

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