The quality craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery takes expertise and skill, both of which can be found within the walls of our workshop.

From the initial inspiration to the final piece, our jewellery is created on-site. We ensure that every single piece is finished to the highest standard, and welcome you to be a part of the creative process. Further to crafting bespoke jewellery and displaying our own collection, we can also restore or remodel your treasured pieces, re-use stones in a new piece or adjust size and shape. Hold on to the original sentiment without compromising on appearance – all done to your specification. We also offer a full aftercare service to ensure that your jewellery continues to look its best.

Uncover the design process, from inspiration to the final piece.

The Process

Talk to us

Pop in to see us and discuss your idea with our team, each of whom have extensive experience in the design and production process and are here to help you achieve exactly what you want. We will discuss what is possible, budgets, inspiration and design.

Into development

Based on your requirements and our designs, we go into development of your piece and create a CAD model, which we will use to produce a cast in your choice of precious metal, creating the base of your design.

Bring the piece to life

The piece is worked at the bench by our skilled craftsmen, this is when your dream jewellery really comes to life.


The stones and fine detailing are added to make your design one of a kind, just for you. This can be as many or as little as you like, be sure to have a look at our bespoke gallery for examples and inspiration for what you want.


A thorough clean and polish of the entire piece is the final step in it’s creation, a service which we will happily provide free of charge throughout it’s life so it can stay sparkling no matter what.


We arrange for you to come and collect your dream piece of jewellery, the first time you will see it in all it’s finished glory, ready for a lifetime of admiration with it’s very lucky owner.