The best option for a shaped engagement ring is a bespoke fitted wedding band. Here at Element Bespoke Jewellery we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Visit us and see the unique design of your wedding ring take shape with a wax model created on the same day as your visit.  A specialist service no other jeweller can offer without the skills of a model maker and a lathe. Our master craftsman Greg can make a model within the hour whilst you pop for coffee and cake around the Jewellery Quarter.

Discover how the process of creating a fitted wedding band works below.

The Process


First we start with a tube of wax – this is then shaped using a small lathe by taking away layers until we have the rough shape of the ring.


The wax model is then refined using files and emery papers to ensure the fit between the engagement ring and the wedding band will be exact.


Once we have the shape of the wedding band in wax it is then cast in the metal of your choice.


When the casting is complete we file and buff the ring ready for the stones to be set.


The stone setter will drill holes for the diamonds to sit in then he will create micro claws which will hold each diamond, this is called a pave setting.


We arrange for you to come and collect your dream piece of jewellery, the first time you will see it in all it’s finished glory, ready for a lifetime of admiration with it’s very lucky owner.