Engagement rings, Which is right for me?

Engagement rings, Which is right for me?

A look at a few styles of engagement rings with different shaped diamonds and a Sapphire...what would suit you?

Here at Element Bespoke Jewellery we have all kinds of engagement rings, not just because of what’s been and is in fashion but because different rings flatter different finger types. Usually you can identify if your fingers fit into one of the following categories… Short, long, slender or wide… It is essential that you try on as many different styles as you can so that you can find a style which looks right and feels right ¬†for you.

We have a few hints here to help you but at the end of the day the choice is yours…… You’ll have it for life!


Long Fingers,

on longer fingers Round Brilliant and Princess cuts look especially nice, most other stones look fabulous too….


Slender Fingers,

Don’t over power slender fingers with large diamonds and massive shanks.. a dainty style with smaller stones would compliment much better.


Short Fingers,

Slender bands set with elongated stones such as Emerald, Marquise, oval etc will help to elongate the fingers.


Wide Fingers,

Wide Oval, Marquise or rectangular stones with less metal either side will make fingers appear thinner. Remember though, wider fingers do allow you to go for a bigger for quirky statement piece if you so wish!


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